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Ethereum casinos have grown in popularity since the advent of cryptocurrencies in online gambling sites.

Top UK Ethereum Casinos

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, utilises blockchain technology to facilitate secure and anonymous online transactions. An increasing number of gamblers in the UK are choosing Ethereum as their preferred deposit and withdrawal method, not only for its high-security levels and simplicity but also for its low transaction costs and rapid processing times.

In this section, we’ll explore how this payment method operates, how to deposit and withdraw using Ethereum, and examine similar payment options.

Every week, our team evaluates hundreds of online casinos, focusing solely on those that are licenced, safe, fair, and offer an exceptional gaming experience. Here’s your comprehensive guide to the best Ethereum-accepting online casinos in the UK!

What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralised, blockchain-powered platform that enables users to conduct transactions, purchase, and sell without regulation or a third party’s involvement. In other words, transactions bypass banks, and no lawyer is needed to draft a sales contract. Launched in 2015, Ethereum’s platform is driven by millions of machines that build a “blockchain” of transactions, making it highly secure due to the immediate storage of each transaction on these machines. Ethereum’s currency is Ether (ETH), which operates similarly to Bitcoin, Tether, and other renowned cryptocurrencies.

Numerous casino sites now accept Ether, with some exclusively accepting crypto payments for deposits as a way to circumvent traditional, government-issued FIAT currencies.

One of Ethereum’s key advantages over other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is its transaction processing speed. Ethereum transactions can complete in up to 15 seconds, while Bitcoin transactions take approximately 10 minutes.

Depositing at an Ethereum Casino

If you enjoy real-money play at Ethereum casino sites, you’ll have access to a range of fantastic promotions, including no deposit bonuses. Once these have been utilised, making deposits into your bankroll via Ethereum is straightforward and can be done from your computer or mobile device. The process might slightly vary from casino to casino, but generally, it follows the same pattern. Here’s a simple guide to depositing into your casino account using Ethereum:

  • Choose a crypto-wallet that supports Ethereum such as Coinomi, Electrum, or Loafwallet, then visit a cryptocurrency exchange to buy the amount of Ether you wish to use.
  • Navigate to the Cashier section of your chosen casino and select the Ethereum option.
  • Enter the minimum required deposit amount or any amount you wish to deposit.
  • Wait for the funds to appear in your bankroll (this should be immediate with Ethereum).
  • Select your favourite casino games and start playing!

Executing a Casino Withdrawal via Ethereum in the UK

Many online casinos in the UK permit withdrawals via Ethereum, although it’s recommended to confirm this before registering. Here’s a guide to executing a withdrawal using Ethereum at online casinos:

Head to the Cashier section and lodge your request – Prior to lodging your withdrawal request, ensure all necessary documents have been submitted, your identity has been confirmed, and the wagering requirements met. You can then proceed to the Cashier and select the Ethereum withdrawal option.

Determine your withdrawal amount – Choose the sum you wish to withdraw, ensuring it aligns with the casino’s minimum and maximum withdrawal thresholds.

Enjoy your winnings – Once your winnings appear in your Ethereum account, usually within 24 hours, you can immediately begin to use them!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Ethereum Online Casinos

As with all things, there are pros and cons to using Ethereum for casino deposits. It’s crucial to check the terms and conditions for using Ethereum and other payment methods at online casinos before registering an account.


  • Due to the use of blockchain technology, Ethereum is highly secure, ensuring your online payments are well-protected against fraud or attacks from third parties.
  • Compared to many cryptocurrencies, transaction fees for using cryptocurrencies at online gambling sites are either nonexistent or very low.
  • As a decentralised platform, Ethereum is not subject to regulation like traditional banks.


  • Many online casinos favour Bitcoin over Ethereum, forcing users to frequent Ethereum-only casinos.
  • While Ethereum boasts anti-fraud systems, it is an unregulated currency; hence, if your funds are stolen, banks cannot assist.

Blacklisted Ethereum Casino Sites in the UK

Our team only recommends an online casino if it meets the rigorous standards of our fair review process. This process includes several checks to ensure the casino offers high-quality games, genuine bonuses with fair terms, excellent customer service, and secure and reliable banking methods. Ethereum online casinos that do not meet these standards or do not genuinely prioritise the interests of players are blacklisted to warn potential customers.

Safety and Security at UK Ethereum Online Casinos

Despite being a decentralised platform, Ethereum is incredibly safe due to its blockchain technology. For casinos accepting Ethereum, it’s necessary to have a license and certification from a company like eCOGRA, which regularly audits gambling sites to ensure the safety of the site and its players. They also verify that the games on offer are fair and not rigged or subject to manipulation.

One minor issue with Ethereum is that it still requires an approved central authority to confirm if the operator is fair. However, all our recommended Ethereum casinos meet all the safety standards associated with blockchain and do not need to rely on other auditing firms to prove their compliance. These platforms are all encrypted and run by code, ensuring they meet the safety standards of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Payment Methods Similar to Ethereum

Bitcoin – As the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is Ethereum’s primary competitor. It’s simple to set up and can be linked to your debit card or bank account for online trading and depositing/withdrawing funds into your casino account.

Transferwise – This UK-based money transfer service offers a US debit Mastercard that allows users to make international purchases. Aside from a 0.45%-3% conversion fee, there are no additional transaction costs.

Ripple – Ripple is a transfer network that can facilitate exchanges of various cryptocurrencies, traditional fiat currencies, and even high-value commodities like gold, grains, and oil.

How We Review and Rate Different Banking Methods

Deposit and Withdrawal Options – Our team tests the deposit and withdrawal procedures of a player account. This allows us to evaluate payout speed, withdrawal limits, verification process, and identify potential delays in turnaround times or receipt of winnings.

Safety and Security – Your safety is our top priority, and this applies to any payment providers we recommend. We only endorse payment gateways that use advanced encryption technology and high-level user protection services to ensure your online activity and personal information are secure at all times.

Customer Care – No matter how robust and reputable a payment method is, access to assistance when required is essential. We contact the customer support team through all available communication channels to determine response times, competency, and customer service attitude.

Final Verdict

Aside from these steps, our team assesses each payment method against our stringent but fair review process. This includes factors like device compatibility, service availability, user feedback, and other elements that contribute to our conviction to recommend it to our readers.

Why Gamble Online with Ethereum in the UK?

Ultimately, Ethereum casinos are excellent for players who prefer using a crypto-wallet for deposits and withdrawals. By choosing a reputable casino like those recommended on this page, you’ll benefit from Ethereum’s low fees and lightning-fast transactions. Despite a few disadvantages, these shouldn’t deter you from playing at Ethereum casinos, especially if you’re already invested in Ether.

Ethereum Casino FAQs

Ethereum casinos in UK are gambling platforms that facilitate the use of the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency for deposits. Although Ethereum is not as well-known as Bitcoin casinos, it is itself one of the most well-known and valuable cryptocurrencies in the world.

To begin, an Ethereum wallet should be acquired to store and manage the cryptocurrency. Ethereum can be purchased on exchanges such as Gemini or Coinbase. Once you have created an account, go to the Ethereum casino of your choice or choose one from our suggested list on this page. Go to the Cashier section, select Ethereum as your preferred payment, wait for the deposit to reflect in your balance and then start playing!

Ethereum's reliance on blockchain technology protects it from potential fraud or theft, making it extremely secure and private.

Several online casinos accept Ethereum. To bypass the inconvenience of finding them yourself, consider our top Ethereum casinos listed on this page. Each provides a highly secure environment, a wide range of top games and plenty of bonus offers specifically for Ethereum users!

Ethereum, right after Bitcoin, is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world. As a decentralised payment and trading platform using open source blockchain technology, it is extremely secure and anonymous.

Depositing Ethereum at online casinos is free, but transaction fees apply. Averaging around €2 per transaction, Ethereum is one of the more expensive cryptocurrencies. However, these fees are constantly changing due to the stability of the network.

Ethereum operates in a global, decentralised system and there are several exchanges and online brokers where it can be purchased. Transaction times can range from 1 hour to a full day, depending on the exchange chosen. Once the desired amount has been purchased, an Ethereum wallet is required to store the cryptocurrency.

As with traditional payment methods such as debit cards or bank transfers, you can simply request your winnings via Ethereum as a withdrawal option. Make sure you follow the given guidelines and prerequisites for requesting a withdrawal to speed up the process. If the casino's finance team has all the necessary information, your winnings should arrive within a few hours.