PayPal payment method

PayPal is among the most widely used money transfer services globally, yet despite its user base exceeding 300 million, not all UK betting platforms have adopted it as a payment method.

Top PayPal Casinos in the UK

If you’re searching for an online casino with convenient and flexible deposit options, choosing a site that accepts PayPal could be your perfect solution. PayPal is a world-renowned money transfer service, and despite its user base of over 300 million, it is yet to be accepted by all gambling platforms. Therefore, we’ve done the heavy lifting and compiled a list of top-rated PayPal casinos that both accept this payment method for deposits and withdrawals and offer an impressive array of games, lucrative bonus deals, outstanding customer support, alongside meeting all other criteria for a five-star casino.

Our team scrutinizes hundreds of online casinos every week, focusing only on those that are licensed, secure, fair, and provide an unparalleled gaming experience. Here’s everything you need to know about the top online casinos in the UK that accept PayPal!

What’s the Big Deal about PayPal?

PayPal enjoys massive popularity among online casinos, especially in regions like Europe and the UK. It is perceived as a leading player among digital currency and electronic transfer service providers globally. It’s not only free to use but ensures instant deposits and speedy, secure, and straightforward withdrawals.

The service operates similarly to a checking account and is accepted by a diverse array of online vendors. A PayPal user can top up their account using a debit card, credit card, or bank transfer and then use it freely on online gambling sites.

Upon selecting PayPal as their deposit method, players can link a credit card to their account for automatic withdrawals. Thus, sensitive information like credit card details is shared only once, mitigating online payment risks. Users can choose to either use their regular account with a PayPal casino or create a separate account linked to a credit card. This feature assists players in better monitoring their spending and earnings.

Making a Casino Deposit Using PayPal

Playing at PayPal casinos in the UK for real money lets you benefit from numerous enticing promotions, including no-deposit bonuses. After exhausting these, depositing into your bankroll via PayPal is simple and can be carried out from your computer or mobile device. The procedure may vary slightly among casinos, but the general mechanism remains the same. Here are straightforward steps on how to deposit into your casino account with PayPal:

  • Log in to PayPal, ensuring your account has funds or at least has a debit/credit card connected for fund transfer.
  • Visit the Cashier section of your chosen casino and select PayPal as your deposit method.
  • Enter the minimum deposit amount or the amount you wish to deposit (along with any bonus codes you’ve received).
  • Wait for the funds to be credited to your bankroll (this should be immediate when using e-wallets like PayPal).
  • Choose your favourite casino games and enjoy playing!

Processing a Casino Withdrawal via PayPal in the UK

Extracting your earnings through PayPal is just as straightforward as depositing the funds. While the procedure might differ slightly across different casinos, it should nonetheless be quite uncomplicated. Here’s how to process a withdrawal at PayPal casinos:

Navigate to the Cashier section and submit your request – Ensure you’ve completed all necessary paperwork, verified your identity, and satisfied the wagering requirements before you proceed to the Cashier and select the PayPal withdrawal option.

Specify the withdrawal amount – Select your desired withdrawal sum, ensuring it aligns with the minimum and maximum withdrawal thresholds set by the casino.

Revel in your winnings – Once your earnings appear in your PayPal account, you can immediately enjoy them or transfer them directly to your regular checking account.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using PayPal at Online Casinos

As with anything, there are pros and cons to using PayPal as your deposit method at online casinos. It’s crucial to review the terms and conditions for PayPal and other payment methods at online casinos before creating an account. The bright side is, the benefits outweigh the downsides, and if you’re already a PayPal user and enthusiastic gambler, we’re confident this remains an ideal payment choice for you.


  • Highly familiar and user-friendly for most online shoppers.
  • Allows linkage of your PayPal account with an existing checking or bank account.
  • Serves as an effective “buffer” between you and your chosen online casino.
  • Prides in quick, efficient services, and a robust reputation in terms of security and safety.


  • Not all online casinos in the UK accept PayPal.
  • Though not common at online casinos, PayPal users might be subjected to transaction fees.

PayPal Casino Sites to Avoid in the UK

Our team is dedicated to only promoting online casinos that meet our rigorous review process’s standards. This includes a multi-step verification, ensuring that the casino offers high-quality games, beneficial bonuses with fair terms, superior customer service, and secure and dependable banking methods. For those online casinos using PayPal that we believe are not operating in accordance with these standards or do not genuinely have the player’s best interest at heart, they are placed on our blacklist, warning potential customers to steer clear.

Safety Measures at Online Casinos Accepting PayPal

Similar to all the leading gambling sites that we review and endorse, online casinos that accept PayPal are highly committed to implementing security measures and safeguarding player safety. Buyer Protection, Fraud Protection, and advanced data encryption techniques are integral to this. All PayPal accounts are secured against identity theft and are designed to instantly detect unauthorized transactions. As a result, should your account be illegally accessed by someone other than you, you’re ensured to never be at a financial loss.

Undoubtedly, PayPal is one of the top e-wallet services today, not only due to its emphasis on security and reputation but also because it allows transactions without exposing any card details. This ensures that breaches and attacks are exceptionally rare, and users can effectively maintain anonymity online.

Payment Alternatives to PayPal

Citadel – Operating in over 17 countries, including the UK, Citadel is a secure and adaptable instant payment service that functions similarly to PayPal.

Neteller – One of the most popular e-wallets, Neteller works much like PayPal and is often available at sites where PayPal isn’t offered.

Skrill – Facilitating online money transfers in more than 40 different currencies, Skrill is a quick and secure e-wallet service based on platforms like PayPal and TransferWise.

How We Evaluate Different Banking Methods

Deposit and Withdrawal Options – Our team takes the time to examine the deposit and withdrawal processes from a player account. This allows us to assess payout speed, withdrawal limits, verification process, and address any potential issues that may cause delays in processing times or receipt of your winnings.

Safety and Security – Your safety is our top concern, and this applies to any payment providers we recommend. That’s why we only endorse payment platforms that use advanced encryption technology and superior user protection services, ensuring your online activities and personal details are secure at all times.

Customer Care – Regardless of a payment method’s credibility and robustness, having accessible support is essential. This is why we pose questions to the customer support team via all available communication channels to determine response times, competency, and the overall approach to customer service.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the aforementioned steps, our team always applies our stringent but fair review process to any payment method. We focus on factors like the service’s compatibility with various devices, service availability, user feedback, and other aspects that enable us to confidently recommend it to our readers.

Find the Top Real Money Online Casinos Accepting PayPal in the UK

All in all, PayPal stands as one of the top payment options for individuals who frequent online transactions. It is secure, fast, and an excellent tool for managing your funds. It also offers some of the best protection for your banking details and provides a robust help centre for the unlikely event of issues with your account. Providing it meets all other criteria we look for, we won’t hesitate to direct players to a top-tier online casino that accepts PayPal.

PayPal FAQs

Regrettably, no. Due to certain restrictions imposed by PayPal, the service isn't provided by all online casinos. However, all the casinos we recommend on our page do accommodate this payment method for secure, rapid, and convenient deposits and withdrawals.

There are two types of PayPal accounts: Personal and Business.

Here's how to create a PayPal account:
• Click on 'Sign up for a PayPal account'.
• Choose the type of account you want to open, and click 'Get Started'.
• Fill in the necessary details and click 'Continue'.
• Follow the instructions to finalize your account setup.
Once your account is set up, you can link a credit or debit card and begin making payments immediately.

Indeed, several other excellent banking platforms operate similarly to PayPal. Neteller and Skrill are hugely popular in the UK, as are Stripe and Google Pay. Not all online casinos accept these methods, so it's always prudent to verify before registering with a site.

As per PayPal: Account holders cannot use PayPal to send or receive payments related to any form of gambling activities unless the merchant is approved by PayPal. This includes, but is not limited to, payments for bets, gambling debts, and gambling winnings, whether conducted online, in person, or via any other communication medium. Gambling encompasses placing, accepting, recording, or registering bets; participating in lotteries; or otherwise conducting games of chance for money, property, or other items of value.

PayPal utilizes some of the most robust end-to-end encryption technologies available. This includes a security key to identify anyone trying to access your account, secure HTTPS connections, and stringent data protection compliance procedures.